Lightning Over Braddock and Collected Shorts: The Films of Tony Buba


For five decades Tony Buba has chronicled the industrial decline of his hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. Kino Lorber and Zeitgeist Films are proud to present a two-disc collection of his newly restored films, including his feature-length masterpiece Lightning Over Braddock: A Rust Bowl Fantasy.



Lightning Over Braddock (1988) To My Family (1972) J. Roy: New and Used Furniture (1974) Shutdown (1975) Betty’s Corner Café (1976) Sweet Sal (1979) Washing Walls with Mrs. G. (1980) Home Movies (1980) Homage to a Mill Town (1980)



Mill Hunk Herald (1981) Peabody & Friends (1983) Voices from a Steeltown (1983) Braddock Food Bank (1985) Birthday Party (1985) Fade Out (1998) Year on the Throne (2007) Ode to a Steeltown (2007) Stigmata (2008) “The Fall” 1980 (2009) The Cot Club: Braddock Hospital (2012) Pirozzi’s Barber Shop (2017) Welcome to Sgambati’s (2017) The Barber of New Kensington (2019) The Last Pawn Shop in Braddock (2019) Making Soppressata with Dom and the Guys (2019) Pasta Lesson: A Sunday in Rabatana (2019) Reflexions (2019)


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Blu-ray or DVD: 1972-1988; 2-Disc set: 307 minutes