Jazz From A Very Special Hotel (DVD)



The film Jazz From A Very Special Hotel was made by St. Thomas high school students in the late 1960s. The film stars Raymond Thomas, Sharon Breeger, students of St. Thomas, and the people of Braddock.


Jazz features outstanding camera work by Michael Emery and Walter Szwarc and lighting by Larry Kuszaj and Robert Bordens. This masterpiece was unearthed by William Welch.


The director was the late Laurence Taylor. Taylor, a St. Thomas English teacher who was irked by the portrayal of Braddock in the film Steeltown Blues, recruited 11th-graders to help him show that there was life in Braddock yet.


Proceeds from the sale of this film will go to the Braddock Carnegie Library.



DVD: 1968; 34 minutes