Braddock Chronicles I & II (DVD)



Portraits and vignettes of the stubborn signs of life in a dying milltown. The Braddock Chronicles brings together the numerous short films Buba produced during the 70s and early 80s, a series of remarkable portraits of people and places in and around Braddock.


Among the highlights are the acclaimed J. Roy: New and Used Furniture, wherein Buba introduces us to a Braddock entrepreneur who has failed at twelve businesses and is busy teaching would-be entrepreneurs self-confidence; Sweet Sal, a portrait of wiry street hustler, Sal Carulli, whose cocky patter breaks down at the end of the film when he visits his father’s grave; and The Mill Hunk Herald, a trip inside a Steel Valley workers’ magazine, which looks like raw material for a Bruce Springsteen song.



DVD: 1972-85; 104 minutes 34 seconds; 16mm

TO MY FAMILY (1972, 2 minutes)
J. ROY: NEW AND USED FURNITURE (1974, 11 minutes)
SHUTDOWN (1975, 13 minutes)
BETTY’S CORNER CAFE (1976, 11 minutes)
WASHING WALLS WITH MRS. G. (1980, 5 minutes)
HOME MOVIES (1980, 3 minutes)
HOMAGE TO A MILL TOWN (1980, 2 minutes)
SWEET SAL (1979, 25.5 minutes)
MILL HUNK HERALD (1981, 12 minutes)
PEABODY & FRIENDS (1983, 10 minutes)
BRADDOCK FOOD BANK (1985, 4.5 minutes)
BIRTHDAY PARTY (1985, 5.5 minutes)


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